Pasadena DWP: Operations Building

Pasadena DWP: Operations Building

Services Provided: Structural Engineering

The 31,400 square foot two-story new office building will also serve the City of Pasadena as an Emergency Operations Center.  Due to the building being located in a very high seismic zone, a state of the art Buckling Restrained Braced Frame (BRBF) system was utilized as the lateral system. The architect selected to use curtain wall systems along the entire north face of the building and part of the west face. The BRBF system was exposed along these faces and provided a clean and more aesthetically pleasing finished system.

The 2nd floor of the east side of the building was set back 10’-6 from the 1st floor.  This created a discontinuous lateral system at the 2nd floor.  Coordination with the architect allowed for the columns for the braced frame to continue down to the foundation level.  This eliminated the need for a large transfer girder.  At the offset, a 950 SF “green roof” was installed over the 1st floor roof.  Special dead loads for the “green roof” were considered in the design.

The entire design team utilized Revit. This allowed us to determine any clashes between the structural system and the mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems early on.

The building is LEED certified Gold.

2011 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Award

Architect: Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Contractor: Morillo Construction, Inc.
Owner/Client:  City of Pasadena Public Works Dept.

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