Yakult USA Plant Project

Yakult USA Plant Project

The Yakult U.S.A project located in Fountain Valley, California is 78,609 SF consisting of a 2-story manufacturing building, a 1-story office building, and a site utility yard.

The Scope of Work consisted of a complete gravity and lateral design for two buildings; a site utility yard, including selection of steel joist sizes and spacing; connection details for lateral transfer, as well as concrete tilt-up panels, steel braces, and Auger Pressure Grouted piles.

The open web joist was chosen to achieve the long clear span between tilt-up panels with the capability of supporting the roof top equipment and suspended maintenance catwalks below. Compared to the traditional steel beam framing, using steel joist not only reduces material costs, but shortens the construction time.  The combination of steel joists and tilt-up panel construction allows all the structural components to be fabricated and erected within 10 months. The steel joist erection for both buildings took less than 2 weeks.

The manufacturing building consists of concrete tilt-up panel construction with approximately 67,200 SF of roof area with various roof elevations. Open web steel joists were designed to span between panels up to 86 feet long. These roof joists support the heavy roof top equipment and suspended maintenance catwalks below. The site is in one of the most active seismic zones in the United States.  Therefore, the joists were designed to resist the large out-of-plane seismic loads, imposed from some 50-foot tall concrete tilt-up panels. The office building is comprised of open web joists that span up to 42 feet long that were supported by steel framing and “W” shaped steel braces. Due to the compressible and potential liquefaction of the soil profile at the site, both buildings are supported by approximately 390 Auger Pressure Grouted Piles over 100 feet deep into the soil.

Services Provided : Structural Engineering

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